Living Out Loud – all upside with mom and dad

Part of living out loud – my intention for writing this blog – is the reality that my parents read this.  Almost all upside and while I was about to say, “there is some downside” – strike that from the record.  There isn’t downside because one of the gifts my parents gave me is courage.  I’m not seeking my parent’s approval of what I write; rather, I simply want to share.  In sharing I look for more and deeper ways to connect with them and everyone else.

While I’ve never been shy about communicating with mom and dad about my ideas and feelings, writing this blog communicates to them in a new way.  It’s one-way.  I’m telling and saying.  They (mom and dad), and the readers, read.  It’s very different than having a discussion.  I’m not saying, “Hey mom, I’m a restless soul and I wish I’d stop hunting for chocolate ice cream.  What do you think about this?”  “Dad, what do you think about the fact that I live in the Mexican ghetto?   Aren’t you psyched about that?”

My blog has a comment field and when (more like if) I get a comment I feel like it’s Christmas morning and I’m 7 years old – tickled with excitement.  A comment means someone actually read what I wrote – or at least skimmed it.  Or, fuck, maybe didn’t read or skim, but commented.

The adorable and so-parent-like behavior of mom and dad is to send me emails with their thoughts about my blog.

Exhibit A:  From Dad, Aug. 12th

By the way, I didn’t know you liked to cuss!  I hope it is under your breath as many people might be polite at the time then tell others who tell others and soon their view of Catherine might be less.   Your choice, of course, but cussing never really impresses people.  There are other ways of expressing yourself.

Exhibit B:  From Mom, July 11th

Wow, just read your blog and need to read it again. It’s really moving!

The term ‘you can’t go home again’ comes from a novel. It’s the title of a book by Thomas Wolfe. You should read it; it’s one that’s hard to put down.

I was a bit sad to hear that the only time you felt unconditional love was from friends. I had hoped I offered that, too. I feel it in my heart even if it didn’t transfer. I know we had our hard times, but I never stopped loving you fully.

Maybe we can talk later today.  Love (unconditionally), Mom


Thanks mom and dad for reading my blog and sending me emails.  Keep them coming!  I love you and I’m blessed to be your daughter!

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